The first two weeks of my trip will be through a tour agency, (Global Explorations for Educators).  This nonprofit organization specializes in planning trips for teachers so that they can experience other cultures, make connections with educators around the world, and teach about the places they have traveled to in order to increase students' global awareness.  I will be traveling with a group of about 12 teachers from across the United States.

The last two weeks of the trip will be an "independent study" that I have arranged.  I will volunteer with students in Kathmandu, hope to meet teachers there and visit schools, and do some additional traveling in Nepal and India.  Although I have most of the details planned, I will write more specifically about them when the time comes as plans could change at any moment.

I began planning this trip in October of last year, long before the devastating earthquake that struck this region on April 25 and killed nearly 9000 people.  Although there were some minor changes to our itinerary at first, the tour agency has returned to our original plan.  I have been in touch with my contacts in Kathmandu and all are safe with houses still standing.  Many in Nepal are encouraging tourists to return and recognize this as one way to help the country recover.

The map above shows the itinerary for this trip.  The tour will begin in Delhi on July 21 and end in Kathmandu on August 5.  After spending additional time in Kathmandu, I will fly back to Delhi a few days before returning home on August 19. You can click on the menu in the upper left corner of the map for more details and some photos from each place.  You can also zoom in and out.

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