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  • What I Miss
    I’ve come from the heat of South Asia to a September heat wave in New England.  I heard a meteorologist remark on TV tonight that the grass could really use some rain, and it sounded so
  • What’s Missing?
    I’m taking advantage of this 36-hour journey home to do a lot of writing and reflecting. I realized the other day that this blog probably represents about 25 percent of my experience on this trip.
  • Child Labor
    In my class, we read the story of Iqbal Masih, a child carpet worker in Pakistan who escaped and became a leader in the fight to free children from bonded labor.  He was murdered at the age of
  • A Real Himalayan Hike
    I finally did get out of the city on Monday, my last full day in Nepal.  The manager of the Social Development Center, Shankar Neupane, also runs his own tour and trekking business.  He took me on a
  • Namaste
    I couldn’t leave Nepal without writing another post about the amazing time I spent at the Social Development Center. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to volunteer at the center.  I