Best Travel Tip Ever

Walking through the narrow tunnels inside the world’s largest pyramid, I encountered a group of American tourists. As I meandered my way through the tunnels, listening to their bantering and joking about being lost underground, I was so happy that my host was waiting for me at the exit. I knew I was seeing so […]

Day Four: Working

I moved from one hip neighborhood to an even hipper one today. This was part of my plan so that I could experience life in two different areas of the city. My AirBnB hosts, Edoardo and Maria, have welcomed me into their spacious home in Coyoacan. Just four metro stops to the south, Coyoacan is […]

Day Three: Climbing High

Last night, another couchsurfer showed up, Yves from France. He had stayed here before and needed a last-minute place to sleep. He is literally couchsurfing while I have a bed. Yves works for an NGO in Peru teaching English and running programs for the community. He is working on future travel plans and positions in […]

Day 2: Amor

It’s finally happened. I’m in love. Some of you have been waiting a long time for this announcement, so I’m happy to share. The love of my life embraces people from all over the world, speaks many languages, always has something interesting to share and loves back unconditionally. Yes, it’s la Ciudad de México, or […]

Day One: Getting Acclimated

I arrived at 6:30 am on my flight from New York and passed through immigration and customs in five minutes. Although I hadn’t slept on the flight, I was ready for a cup of Mexican coffee and to start exploring  Mexico City. Elderly women behind bakery counters or walking through parks greet me with a […]

Facing Fear

I returned from my journey to the village and am at a Starbucks in Manila, the only place open on a Good Friday in this mostly Christian country.  I fly to Cambodia tomorrow.  I have a whole series of posts coming up about the village, but in the meantime, here are some thoughts about overcoming […]

Jeepney Riding 101

I’ve ridden in dozens of different types of vehicles over the past year.  Each country has its own system of transportation, but they all have a cheap method of getting from one place to the next.  In the Philippines, it’s the jeepney, but remember, you get what you pay for.  Here’s how I get back […]


One of the things I am learning is that travel is just as much about the people you meet as the places you visit.  Sometimes those people are locals, or sometimes they are travelers.  Either way, I usually have more vivid memories of the people than I do of the places.  And this is coming […]

Volunteerism, Not Voluntourism

The Dangers of Volunteering Volunteering is a popular way to travel.  In Europe, taking a gap year after finishing college to travel is very common.  Many students choose to spend all or part of their year volunteering overseas.  But it’s not just young people who travel and volunteer, I’ve met people of all ages during […]

Tim’s Travel Secrets

“You should start a travel agency,” said my travel companion as I navigated two apps and three websites to book our next hotel.  It’s been fun planning each leg of the trip, but it’s not something I want to do full-time.  Maybe I’ll dabble in it someday, but I think I’d have to find the […]