Semana Santa, Parte II

Statues and angels are not the only things to see during Holy Week processions. Within each of the dozens of groups parading through the streets, there are a number of people doing penance to atone for their sins or to fulfill a promise made to God. With their heads and faces covered in black hoods, […]

Semana Santa, Parte I

It’s hard to describe in words the processions that happen every night during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Taxco. Groups of Catholics walk solemnly through the streets honoring saints, reenacting Christ’s last days on earth, and doing penance. Each night there is a different theme with names such as Procession of the Virgens, Procession of […]

Eat, Pray, Eat

As I touched my forehead to the carpet, I could see McTery watching me from the side, his forehead to the ground, to make sure I was doing it right.  I had received a complete tutorial from McTery about what to expect when we went to the Sikh Temple in San Fernando.  He taught me […]