Where I’m From =D


I am from art,

From School Smart and paper.

I am from the desk in my room

from which many illustrations of mine were made.

(Fine, beautiful, it looked perfect.)

I am from the trees,

The shady dark oak.


I am from travellers and creativity,

From Cinder and Owen and Spelmans.

I am from gamers and artists,

From “Ask your father!” and “What did I tell you!?”.

I am from a Catholic and Apostolic church

with hymn 196 to bring joy to our hearts.


I’m from the Woman and Infants hospital and Cinder’s branch.

I’m from a long history, eggs and cream soda.

From the wounds my dad got from playing with friends in the woods as a child.


I am from the mystery of history of parents behind mine and theirs,

Which shall remain currently unknown.

For decades shall the mystery not be shown.

The lack of knowledge of the family tree.

by Owen S. Grade 5
Pawcatuck Middle School Pawcatuck, Connecticut USA
Owen says writing poems makes him feel happy and mellow. He wants readers to know that his poem says, “I am a nice person and I need friends.” He also shared: “I am in the process of writing a book called “Cinder and Owen” and I soon will start working on an advertisement or teaser so people know what’s coming.”

19 thoughts on “Where I’m From =D

  1. My favorite line in your poem is ” I am from art” because i love art. Art is my favorite subject because your can make any thing also it is yours and art makes a lot of people happy! =D

  2. I like your line when you said that you are from a Catholic church because I also go to a Catholic church. I go to St. Mary’s. What church do you go to?

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