Where I’m From


I am from sneakers,

from Godiva and gnomes,

I am from the small garden next to the deck.

(Bright, colorful,

smells like flower perfume.)

I am from lilac bushes

the honeysuckle trees

that taste like sweet honey.


I’m from Chinese food on New Year’s day and reading,

from Theresa and Dee and Lindsey.

I’m from the walks on the beach with my dog and picnics.

from “ Stand up for yourself ” and “ Do your best”!

I’m from kindness and honesty,

be nice to everyone and

always tell the truth no matter what.


I’m from New London, Dee’s Branch,

pasta and meatballs.

From pool days at Nonna’s splashing and having a great time,

the pasta salad and the fresh iced tea

that Nonna made for us

for the hot summer pool days.


I am from the photo album

under the cupboard

with old photos of my family, friends,

and loved ones who have passed away.

The fun times and the sad ones,

from the new arrivals.

The memories that make me smile and laugh.

by Katelyn Grade 5
Pawcatuck Middle School Pawcatuck, Connecticut USA
Katelyn says poems make her feel relaxed. Also, she has a big family and loves singing.

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