Where I’m From


I am from playsets,

from the Home Depot nails and the hardware store,

I am from the twisted roots of the oak tree.

(Tall, speckled,

it smelled like buttercups.)

I am from the big forests and

the big bushy hydrangeas all around.


I’m from hand-me-downs and talk it outs,

from Emily and Cally.

I’m from the tree farms and Christmas dinners,

from “PJs, potty, brush teeth time’’

and “Come on, get your shoes on!”

I’m from being brave,

and being kind to everyone,

even if they aren’t,

or aren’t your friend.


I’m from home sweet home in Michigan,

and Karen and Hud’s branch,

lobster and crab dipped in the sweet butter.

From the rosebush my dad saved from the thunder,

and the tree Ma planted and watched it grow.


I am from the book

that holds the secrets and smiles

of old and new,

and even friendships that last forever.

Waiting to be seen again.

That’s the gift of a lifetime.

by Rory R. Grade 5
Pawcatuck Middle School Pawcatuck, Connecticut USA
From Rory: “Being kind and being brave will get you very far in life.

Start writing poems and stories at a young age. It’s how you can be free. When I grow up I want to be an archaeologist or a veterinarian. I love to sing and I go to dance. I can do a grande plie so cool hahaha.”

16 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. I love lobster and crab so much too! Which one do you like better? Also, your last stanza is breathtaking.

  2. Love the poem Rory! I like the part about the hand-me-downs and I can relate to the part about Home Depot! 🙂

  3. I like the second stanza because the wording word descriptive and it kind of gave me an idea of how you felt.

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