Tabby Cat

I am a cute stripy guy

I wonder if you know who I am

I hear birds singing every morning

I see butterflies hovering through the window

I want to play with a ball of wool

I am a cute stripy guy


I pretend that I’m a big boss

I feel happy if you stroke my belly

I touch my tail when I feel bored

I worry when it’s getting cold

I cry when being left outside

I am a cute and stripy guy


I understand I am a weird guy

I say “meow, meow, meow – I am a tabby cat”

I dream about a meal full of fish

I try to catch an insidious mouse

I hope I become a spider-cat one day

I am a cute and stripy guy

by Đuàn Hồng Ngoc Grade 11
Nguyễn Tất Thành School Hanoi, Vietnam

2 thoughts on “Tabby Cat

  1. I have a Tabby cat. her name is Daisy and this poem reminds me of her a lot. She is very cute, so is this poem=)

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