I Am Dogs

I am a girl who loves dogs

I pretend my dogs go on amazing adventures

I see them as they run through the grass

I feel the short fur on their backs

I touch their wet, cool noses

I am a girl who loves dogs

I understand animals can’t live forever

I say that with a good home they could live longer

I want to stop animal abuse now

I cry for the animals who are dead due to abuse

I worry my dogs will pass away

I am a girl who loves dogs

I hear the howls, growls, and barks from my dogs

I wonder if all animals could be happy

I dream they could be

I will always try to make my dogs happy

I am a girl who loves dogs

by Riley P.Grade 5
Pawcatuck Middle SchoolPawcatuck, Connecticut USA
“I feel happy when writing poems because they can be used to express many feelings and thoughts! I would like others to learn of my love for animals, and my worry for animal abuse and how terrible it is. Some of my favorite things to do are being with my dogs, drawing, and watching anime!”

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