I Am

I am nice and lazy.

I wonder if ill ever be able to speak fluent Spanish?

I hear doors slamming.

I see my dogs as I walk in the door.

I want the summer to start.

I am nice and lazy.

I pretend I have wifi in my sleep.

I feel bored when I lose wifi.

I touch my stretchy slime when I’m bored.

I worry I’ll never have wifi again.

I cry thinking I’ll never have a real phone.

I am nice and lazy.

I understand I can’t help the whole world myself.

I say I love doing dishes.

I dream of being able to fly.

I try to help the world.

I hope to save the world.

I am nice and lazy.

by Liam W.Grade 5
Pawcatuck Middle SchoolPawcatuck, Connecticut USA

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