Guest Post by Dipesh

Here is a slideshow that Dipesh prepared by himself.

Another slide show from Dipesh:

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10 Comments on “Guest Post by Dipesh

  1. Hi Dipesh,
    Thank you for sharing the great pictures and telling about your life at home. It sounds like you have a lot of fun there!
    Take care,

  2. Hi Dipesh! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed learning a little bit about you and your family life. Keep on writing and taking photos!
    Tim’s sister-Kathy

    1. Kathy
      Thank you for your comment you wrote about my family and asking about my family. I am grateful if you write a comment again.
      Our brother (tim) always help us in our study.He teaches us in our school, play games and do funny things. We always take picture in his camera and in ipod. I hope you will come one time in Nepal.
      DIPESH K.
      GRADE 7

      1. Good morning Dipesh! Thank you for your post. It is nice to hear about the things you are doing and about our brother Tim. I can tell from his stories that Tim is enjoying the time with you and your family and that it will be hard to leave.
        My husband, Jeff says “hello” and would love to visit Nepal!
        I am impressed with your writing skills and look forward to seeing your photos when Tim returns to America.
        T.G.I.F! Off to R.I. Kathy and Jeff

        1. hi kathy sister.I am very welcome. yes,our brother (tim) always help us and gives us his camera and ipod to take picture you can see there when tim is there.Say hello to your husband.

          bye bye

  3. Your English tells us that you study hard and that you love all of the family members. Are there usually so many children in Nepalese families?

  4. Hi Dipesh,

    Nice job with the slide show. Thanks for including the picture of Tim. Everyone looks so happy, it must be a nice place to live.

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